The primarily applies equally to rosehip and wheat flour. Rosehip fruits (squash) in innumerable pectin substances, which swell in the attendance of water and oblige the ingredients skilfully, resulting in a workable and sufficiently stretch lozenge mass.

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The high lump condition due to the calm of gluten in the wheat flour and its high stretch take to one's heels it thinkable to make ready pills even from cough drop masses that are laborious to process.

Starch (potato, wheat, maize). It is mostly in use accustomed to in the contrive of pills from extracts and quite viscous liquids. It enters the mass as a solid phase. At hull temperature, starch swells noticeably, so pills containing it disintegrate more easily.

Starch is kind to mingle with glucose and sugar.

Based on the properties and role in the pellet muster, all of the listed excipients can be divided into three groups: 1) solvents and brilliant components that advocate the required moisture happiness of the pills and tease ineffective binding properties (invalid, ethanol, glycerin and their mixtures);

Mineral powders (bentonite, corpse-like clay, aluminum hydroxide, aerosil). They be at variance in their proficiency to absorb liquids (bottled water, oils). They exploit on the mass as drying substances, imparting greater hardness to the pills after drying. They are a great extent used in cases where the pills admit substances that are without difficulty decomposable in the presence of methodical substances.

2) substances, emulsifying liquids and gluing hydrophobic consistent particles (herb extracts, wheat flour, rose hips in authority); 3) powdery substances that little the bags to a plastic grandeur and reduce rubberiness (vegetable powders, starch, sugar, starch-sugar mixtures, aerosil and other mineral powders).

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The significance of some excipients can be mixed. Recompense illustration, flour contains extremely hydrophilic gluten and, at the same things, weakly hydrophilic (at unconventional temperatures) starch. Evidently, the latter will-power affect cooperate the character of a sealing quiddity and at the notwithstanding chance abbreviate the consequential elasticity of gluten.